Nursing is a Work of Heart (ugh)

Nursing is A Work Of Heart (ugh) Cutely Competent Nursing is a work of heart – ugh. I am not one for sickly sweet nursing adages, as my typically sarcastic personality usually appreciates the darker side of medical comedy. However terrible I feel that “nursing is a work of heart” is, it is true – nursing is both about empathy and evidence-based practice, making it an art form that is often hard to quantify its worth. Case in point, what a difference a good sense of smell can make in the medical field. I had always thought that death and the process of dying smelled like a mixture of medical gloves, disposable bed pads, oxygen tubing, sticky liquid medications administered orally in small, delicate syringes, wet wipes, and sweat. Sweat from families, visiting in a time of duress and unsure of what to say, sweat from medical staff, working to keep the individual clean and comfortable, and sweat from the individual, occasionally in pain or short of breath, exhausted and weak. No matter how often the room is aired, the linens changed, or how many bed baths occur, the odor will continue to permeate the room until after the individual […]

Your Nurse Friday – An Introduction

All About Me My name is Elais and this is all about me, Your Nurse Friday (in fact, you can find this on my about me page as well, because…this is about me!). I did not initially begin my educational path knowing that I wanted to be a nurse, I did, in fact, want to be a coroner. I was inspired by years of watching Scully on the X-Files – her skeptical and medically centered approach acting as a grounding force for the weekly bizarre and quirky episodes revolving around the paranormal. I had several opportunities to shadow medical professionals (surgeons and scientists) while in high school and attended a weeklong introduction to medicine after graduating high school, which is where I witnessed my first autopsy. I started university in Vancouver, British Columbia feeling confident that the path towards my life as a coroner was the right one for me…unfortunately Chemistry 101 did not feel the same way. After I failed my first class ever (along with more than 70% of my classmates), I finished first term of my first year feeling completely lost. I decided to enroll in more arts based classes in my second term, which is how […]