The Mastering Nursing Podcast

The Mastering Nursing Podcast
Having support when you are a nurse is critical to your career. From mentoring in nursing school to preceptoring when starting a new position, an experienced and positive nurse by your side can ensure your professional success. Outside of work, having friends and family that are there for you (even if they do not completely understand the stress of the job) can make a difference on those hard days giving you that much needed mental boost when things become overwhelming. It is a wonderful thing if you can find friends who are nurses outside of work, as they get the job, the stress, and the bizarre hours by which you lead your life.
Nurse Friends
I am fortunate to have several friends who are nurses, not only those I made in nursing school but others I connected with in New Mexico and beyond. Nurse friends provide wonderful sounding boards, offer great perspectives from specialties different from your own, and get that crazy sense of humor you’ve developed over hours spent in not-so-normal situations.
I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by one of these fantastic nurse friends, Keith Carlson. I met Nurse Keith briefly many years ago in Santa Fe and fate kept bringing us back together, the first time being at the National Nurses in Business Association in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then, Nurse Keith and I have kept in touch, and he continues to provide me with wonderful nursing support.
Mastering Nursing Podcast
Nurse Keith has several podcasts, one of which is Mastering Nursing, which covers the nursing field for healthcare professionals and nursing students. Featuring in-depth interviews with influential and leading nurses, host Keith Carlson’s conversations address the practical work-life of nurses in a wide variety of sub-specialties, exploring topics from treating clients, to work-life balance, and more. If you’re a nursing professional interested in hearing from dynamic leaders in the nursing field, or a nursing student that wants to learn more about how your education gets applied in the real world, tune in!
I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on Keith Carlson’s show this week, so check out the podcast to learn a little bit more about what it is like to be a home health nurse and own your own business!

Home health nurse and wearer of many hats in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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